Opening back in 2011, OMG has been the #1 rated nail salon in Anchorage for the past 7 years. Offering an extensive array of services, from natural manicures/pedicures, to artificial, shellac, and brows. We have over 1000 gel polish colors (and more on order)!

OMG is an appointment-based salon, but we do take walk-ins when we can! Do not hesitate to call us and ask any questions. Please refer to the page links above for more information!


After nearly 8 years at our Northern Lights Location, we are happy to announce that we will be opening our new salon at 545 W Fireweed Ln. on Wednesday the 16th of October.

Accompanying our new salon are new prices! I am sorry OMG Fam, we can't be like Costco's hot dogs and never change our prices. If you think about it...8 years, average 2% inflation, 1.02^8= ~1.172, multiply that by $30 equals $35.16...soooo our price change is barely keeping up with inflation :D

We have also simplified our menu by removing and adding a few items. Click on the 'Services' tab for more info! Note: We have discontinued offering base acrylic enhancements by replacing our fullset and fill structure with our proprietary gel powder.