Q: Do you guys speak English?
Yes. Yes we do. Fluently.

Q: How long do nails last?
It varies. The 2 week benchmark is the industry norm, after which the grow-out can be seen. You can rock your nails as long as you want, but we suggest every 2 weeks.

Q: What is the difference between Acrylic and Gel?
In comparison to Acrylic, with Gel, the finished product is stronger, can be made thinner, and is more durable.

Q: What is the difference between shellac and gel polish?
A: The two terms are used synonymously. We tend to refrain from calling gel polish shellac because of CND's brand gel polish 'Shellac'.

Q: What is the difference between Gel Nails and Gel Polish?
Gel Nails is typically referring to a Gel Fullset, which is artificial, whereas Gel Polish is referring to shellac or the gel resin polish that goes on natural nail.

Q: Can you take Gel Polish off at home?
A: Yes you can. There are plenty of tutorials online with different techniques to show you how to do this. But our DIY version is: file the top coat off until no more gloss, cut up cotton rounds and foil, apply acetone based solvent, wrap, wait 5-10 minutes, and the gel polish should push right off.

Q: What is Brow Threading?
Threading is a ancient hair removal technique originating from Asia and the Middle East. Unlike waxing, threading does not exfoliate a layer of skin, thus making it the best alternative for those with sensitive skin.

Q: What is the Threading process?
 A thin 100% cotton thread is twisted into a double strand, and with minimal pressure, it glides across the skin, using a fast, rhythmic movement in order to secure any unwanted hairs into the strands of the thread. It is then lifted from the hair follicue, removing the hair, leaving no residual trace.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?
 To change or cancel your appointment, we require notice 3 hours prior to your appointment time. Failure to do such will result in a $30 per service, cancellation fee.

Q: What is your refund policy?
 Services rendered are considered to be complete after you leave the salon, therefore refunds do not apply. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, we highly suggest you tell your technician at the time of the service. If there is any issue with the nails after the fact, please feel free to call us.

Q: Where do you guys get your supplies?
We here at OMG believe the best products come from the best sources. We partner with some of the biggest suppliers in California in order to offer our customers the variety of products and polishes they deserve.