Express Manicure - For those looking for a quick cleanup- The Express Mani consists of trimming/shaping your nails, cleaning up your cuticles, a light buff to smooth it all out, and a clear polish to finish. $12

Basic Manicure - More than just clean, clear, and under control- The Basic Mani includes everything in the Express, plus a hand massage and a color polish. $25

Gel Polish (Shellac) - Anyway you want it, that's the way you need it- Add Gel Polish on any service to skip the dry time and get that super glossy look that will make all the boys come to the yard. Warning: Once you get shellac, you'll never go back. +$25

Gel Polish Removal - Get your gel polish taken off the right way! $8

Vita Gel Strength & Recovery - Basically the multivitamin of the nail world- Vitagel is the solution to repairing weak, thin, brittle and damaged nails. Applied via substituting the base layer of gel polish. $5+

Example: Express Manicure with Gel Polish $37 ($12+$25)

Express Pedicure - Need a quickie before that hot date you're running off to? The Express Pedi consists of a foot spa, trimming/shaping your nails, cleaning up your cuticles, a pumice scrub, light buff, and a color polish . $25

Basic Pedicure - "I want the massage!" Don't we all? The Basic Pedicure includes everything in the Express, plus the full callous removal process, a sea salt scrub, and seven minutes in heaven (the massage of course). $35

Deluxe Pedicure - Indulge, because you deserve it, the way you work it, 'cause you earned it- The Deluxe Pedicure includes an upgraded organic sugar scrub exfoliation, mud mask for your feet and legs, paraffin wax, and we are doubling-down on the time for your massage. 'Treat yo-self!' $50

Example: Express Pedicure with Gel Polish $50 ($25+$25)


OMG Gel - Also known as 'crystal gel'- Gel is the best thing you can have for your nail, make you look nice, like super model, it sparkle like diamond in the sky. Gel polish included in price.
Fullset $65 Fill $50

Solar - No, not solar powered- Solar, like gel, is the thinner, stronger, and more natural variation of acrylic. Unlike gel, solar has a pink tint to it. Gel polish included in price.
Fullset $70 Fill $55

Artificial Reshape - Reshaping fake nails after the initial fullset is quite the process, but if you are tired of the square and want to get stiletto, we can make it happen. $18

Shape - Spice up your life- Square and SquOval are included in any Fullset and Fill price. If you want some spice, try round, oval, almond, stilleto, or edge for a little extra.

Length - Sometimes you want to feel like a lady, sometimes you want to feel like a Ripley's Believe it or Not episode- Any length above the norm (technicians discretion) will be charged a minimum amount.

Example: Fullset and Oval Shape = $73 ($65+$8)


Brow Wax - Brow shape/clean up- We use soft lavender wax and if desired, we can apply brow makeup afterwards to enhance shape/fullness. $20

Brow Tint - Semi-permanent vegetable based dye to enhance color, shape, and thickness of brows. Recommended with either a wax or thread for best results. $20

Lip Wax - Removal of any unwanted lip hair using soft lavender wax. $10

Sideburns Wax - Removal of any unwanted sideburn hair using soft lavender wax. $30

Full Face Wax - Removal of any unwanted facial hair using soft lavender wax. Includes: brows, lips, chin, and sideburns. $55

*For more questions on what is a wax vs a thread, visit our FAQ page!

Chin Wax - Removal of any unwanted chin hair using soft lavender wax. $20

Ear Wax - Removal of any unwanted ear hair, using hard wax. $15

Nose Wax - Removal of any unwanted nose hair, using hard wax. $15 

Under Arm Wax - Removal of any unwanted under arm hair using soft lavender wax. $35

*All prices subject to change at esthetician's discretion for excessive hair or request for excluded areas (customer will be notified before service)

Other Services

Artificial Nail Take Off - Don't hurt yourself and let one of the pros meticulously use leverage and telepathy to take off your nails without the pain. $10

Dip Nail Removal - When I dip, you dip, we take dip off- have us remove dip nails safely by soaking them off. $25

Massage - I wish we offered full-body- Add more massage minutes to your mani or pedi.  $2/min

Fix - Like snowflakes, not all nails are done the same- Prices for nail fixes vary, call us for more information! $6+

Gift Cards - For that special someone you really want to say OMG YOU THE BEST. $20-1000

Paraffin Wax - Want to feel young again? Come in and rejuvenate your hands or feet with our moisturizing Paraffin Wax dip. $12

Polish Change - Out with the old, in with the new- Come in and get a quick color change when you're just too tired of your current color. 
Regular Polish Adults $12 Kids under five $5

Designs - All Designs will be up to your technician's discretion. Ask for a quote anytime! $5+

For more questions on specific products,
please visit our FAQ Page!